Finding Our Place


As we nudge our way into the ever-changing world of customer service, some truths about our vision and M.O. have revealed themselves.

1. Meet me half-way - We experience the full spectrum of coffee drinkers, situated here on the main vain between the Adirondack Northway and Lake Placid (yes, Miracle on Ice Lake Placid, and no, not the horror movie Lake Placid). Some people just want a dark roast. We do get some savvy city slickers who ask for flat whites or cortados. Really we're happy to serve everyone and meet them where they are. We'll never serve something as dark as a French roast, but Forty-Six is a rather tasty 'dark' roast. We're here to make good coffee, no matter how our customer defines it. 

2. Consistency is key - Hologram has staked its claim as Lord of the Espresso Bar. After experimenting with several single-origin coffees, we went home to this delicious and complex blend. It's a crowd pleaser. It's just dark enough to get those lovely roast-y qualities people come to expect in an espresso drink. But the fruit and the chocolate will please those with more discerning palates. Save for special occasions, Hologram is here to stay. This allows us to really hone it in and make it as perfect as we can, regardless of which barista is working the machine. 

3. People want food! - SubAlpine was started as a coffee-forward establishment. Priority one was to serve great coffee and espresso drinks, alongside tasty baked goods from local bakers. I believe we've accomplished that. But this isn't about us, it's about our customers. And they want FOOD! The demand for fresh food made-in-house has been staggering. So much so, we have decided to expand our kitchen and bring on a very experienced, dedicated chef/baker. Now we will strive to crack the nut of an establishment that serves great food AND great coffee. Soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies....we're about to evolve! 

SubAlpine will be ever-evolving, particularly in this first year of existence. As we shed the notions of what we 'should' be and further discover, through our customers, what we can only get better.