Specialty Coffee in Keene Valley: The Awesomeness Manifesto

"Work is love made visible." - Khalil Gibran

Two worlds are about to intersect: specialty coffee and these fine Adirondack mountains. The High Peaks has never seen a specialty coffee cafe, and I promise the fine people that reside in these mountains have never seen the likes of what is coming this summer. Not in these parts, anyway. 

Specialty coffee is the finest coffee in the world. There are objective standards for this title. There are trade organizations dedicated to it. Right now around the world there are serious people making serious faces while tasting serious coffee after coffee after coffee, and making entertaining slurping noises in the process. Seriously. The explosion of specialty coffee (that is, coffee treated as an artisan-crafted beverage from seed to cup) has now permeated through the Blue Line of the Adirondack Park. I could go on about specialty coffee, about why I chose the new version of the infamous and awesome La Marzocco Linea espresso machine for the cafe, heck there's a film about specialty coffee (which is fantastic, and may be shown in the area sometime soon...), but I digress. Long story short, a cafe that cares about specialty coffee can provide the finest daily ritual to the masses. The best affordable luxury. Darn fine coffee.

But honestly, the coffee geek in me has to concede the real, not-so-secret purpose of this, and indeed any, independent cafe: community. Coffeehouses have been the birthplace of great ideas for centuries. They are places at which people feel free and safe to meet. Anyone is welcome anytime the doors are open. Coffee is a beverage to meet over. It stimulates discussion. It makes you want to do stuff. Cafes generate real community, and serve as neighborhood anchors for progress. 

In a nod to Gibran's above quote about work, I have found that which I love in opening this cafe. And I am excited to see the new heights, beyond what I can imagine, that my staff and I can take this cafe and this community to. So, let this be a sort of manifesto, then. A manifesto for awesomeness in food, drink and people. 

Beginning this summer, a new cafe in Keene Valley, New York sets out to make some of the best coffee in the world in a location surrounded by some of the best mountains in the world. We invite the fine residents and visitors of these mountains to come inside and continue to build one of the best communities in the world.