One Down. Twenty-Nine to Go.

First, a huge thanks. If you’re reading this at time of publication, you likely have been part of the SubAlpine Coffee story thus far. One year in business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In the past year, we have evolved quickly from a driven, if inexperienced, startup coffee shop to a top quality foodservice operation. We expanded our kitchen in January, and hired incredibly talented and experienced people to run our food program. The results have been very positive and encouraging. Our espresso tastes better than ever, and we continue to fill out the store here and there with things we know our customers want. We're thrilled with where you have helped bring us!

There’s a whole lot of boring, behind the scenes nano-details that customers shouldn’t care about, but nonetheless are critical to the survival of a business, particularly in the first year. Paying bills, keeping books, responding to customer issues, dealing with supplier issues, power outages, and equipment failures, to name a few. It’s our job to make the operation look easy and seamless. And there’s a whole lot that goes into that. We've been working so hard behind the scenes to make sure the experience and the product are the best possible.

So, call us not rushed. I’m in this for the long haul. I call it a thirty year plan. We have turned down plenty of short term gains because I have a long-term vision for SubAlpine as well as our community as a whole. A coffee shop can contribute to building community in profound ways, and I feel that we have made a mark in the beautiful Adirondack High Peaks in a positive way in this first year. We are methodical and thorough in implementing any change or addition we make. This is ingrained in my way of working thanks to my master’s thesis advisor, Dr. Nelson, who always beat it into our heads that “first you slither….then you crawl…then you walk…then you try running.” We've just about reached crawling as I write this. 

So, we have a ton of positive feedback, and a full blown, food-serving cafe operation that’s running as smooth as ever. Check that incredibly hard box! But we will never compromise the customer experience in the store for the next best thing down the road. We will grow only in ways that make sense for the big picture and for the long haul. Why? Because our first year has shown us that there’s a huge demand for what we’re offering, and otherwise strangers have become customers, friends, family. Community has been built with us, and between customers. We don’t want to let them down in any facet of what we do. It is a pleasure and a privilege to do what we love and make our customers’ day a little bit brighter.

So again thank you for the first year, and stick around to see what we have up our sleeves next.

Patrick Walsh, Owner